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Preparation for Investment casting drawing for the dies with optimized casting configuration in close consultation with the customer to obtain best possible value. Making disposable wax pattern by injection molding.

Building ceramic shells by alternate dipping of the assembly in ceramic slurry and stuccoing under controlled conditions.

Storage of Ceramic shells in humidity and temperature controlled rooms for best finishing and tight tolerance.

De-waxing and sintering the ceramic shell for the pouring of metal.

Pouring of molten metal in the shell & cooling in controlled atmosphere as required by metal chemistry.

After pouring the casting undergoes various process such as fettling, heat treatment, clearing of casting, acid pickling , passivity etc.

S.T.C. will take your requirement from initial designing, through casting, machining, plating and sub-assemblies.

S.T.C. uses high technology plants and advanced manufacturing facilities which enable our products to compile with major specifications and quality system according to ISO 9001:2000.

Manufacturing range of metals : Stainless Steels, Carbon Steels, Nicked Based Steels, Ductile Irons, Copper Based Alloys, Brass, Aluminum Alloys etc.
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