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STANDARD TECHNO CAST has been established in 2004 near City of Rajkot located in Western India S.T.C has achieved a rare and reputed status among the best foundries in India. It's ability to adapt indigenous technology. The use of sophisticated equipment and techniques, the commitment of our staff is to give quality and reliability has all contributed to the success and outstanding growth of the company. S.T.C is also going for ISO 9001:2000

S .T.C. is currently manufacturers Investment Casting weighing from 50 grams to over 50 kg. Total design flexibility, Superior Mechanical and Metallurgical properties, Excellent Grain-size control, Excellent & Exceptional surface finish with extremely tight tolerances are the distinct features of S.T.C casting. Besides it's capability to cast virtually any metal / alloys such as Stainless Steel, Carbon steels, Nicked-based Steels, Ductile Irons, Aluminum alloys, Copper based alloys and many other metals.

Investment casting by S.T.C. gives a clear lead over conventional process with definite cost advantage.
We believe that we are one of the best in this business. We are having large spare production capacity enough to fulfill huge requirements on time and as well as we execute small requirement with the same for small parts will the same enthusiasm and attention detail.

We assure you that you will be pleased, you choose S .T.C. for your requirements of Investment Casting. We will take your requirement from initial designing, through casting, Machining, Plating and also sub assemblies.

Our customers are well satisfied with S.T.C. and our customers and we both are developing and working as team together.

S.T.C. is producing thousands of parts in varying size and configuration and it's policy of continuously setting and developing better production method and passing those benefits to customers has enlarged its customer based to cover industries such as Automobiles, Valves, Pumps, Heavy Electrical, Nuclear Engineering, Aero-space, Defense, Locomotives, Diary Equipments General Engineering, Marine Parts etc.

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